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Oil spill response made simple

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Technologies offered by the Norwegian suppliers Framo, Maritime Partner, Norbit Aptomar and NorLense complement each other perfectly.

In an oil spill situation, every minute counts. Water and oil expand when mixed. Similar to a fire, a small oil slick can grow very large if not dealt with at an early stage. This may result in significant costs and environmental damage. Aptomar’s radar and infrared camera identifiy and presents an overview of the oil slick, and Maritime Partner’s powerful, high-speed vessels are perfect for pulling equipment such as booms into place. The oil is contained with booms from NorLense and is then recovered onto a vessel using the Framo TransRec Oil Skimmer System. The equipment is in daily use by our clients worldwide, and we test the technologies annually during the oil on water exercise, the only exercise in the world where real oil is spilled for the common benefit and learning of the industry.

By using OSRV Group, the operator is just one phone call away from a complete solution with a delivery lead-time of eight weeks for the full package.


Shipowners can easily convert existing vessels in order to offer new services to oil companies with this turnkey solution.


The effective handling of the equipment compared to conventional technology, reduces the operational cost for the shipowner and increases the safety level as less people are involved


Through three defined steps, the OSRV group is able to explore and offer different tools for financing your project; a one-off purchase, monthly or yearly leasing, or a competitive government-backed financing



Describe your project, your challenges and your goals



Together we design a solution to meet your operational, technical and financial requirements



We will explore different opportunities for financing of your project, all to ensure a healthy cash flow and profitable project for both parties

Engineered for you

The OSRV Group will, together with your technical team, explore the different configurations, setups and combinations to achieve optimal usage of the available deck space


Turn key oil spill package

The “one-stop-shop” for oil spill response – OSRV GROUP – offers a complete package solution that covers everything the customer needs – from detection and containment to recovery of the spill – all conducted with reliable equipment that can handle the challenges if an accident occurs.

Cameras and radars for oil spill detection

Automatic detection, tracking and documentation of unintended oil spill

Booms and boom handlers for efficient containment

Large number of well tested boom solutions to collect more oil faster

Skimmers for collecting oil, not water

Efficient collection of oil of all viscosities

Installation, training, service

All managed by the group and its members, operating as one unit

Detection and documentation

Find and track the combatable oil, document effect

In the event of an oil spill, Norbit Aptomar’s sensor platform performs the difficult initial task of detecting the spill on the surface of the sea. With this system from the Trondheim-based company, live data from radar and infrared sensor technology will establish the location of the oil slick, its size, its relative thickness and in what direction it is heading. This provides an overview of the operation and helps determine where to navigate the vessel tasked with the deployment of booms. The data is also used to confirm that the oil spill has been contained.


Gather the oil to increase the collection

The offshore booms from NorLense in Lofoten are designed to handle demanding challenges at sea. In just 20 minutes, one person alone can deploy 400 metres of the world’s largest oil spill containment booms.

Optimal boom formation

Manouverability and flexibility increases efficiency

Maritime Partner’s high-speed vessels will smoothly and quickly pull the booms into the correct formation to achieve the best result possible. Furthermore, these highly efficient vessels built in Ålesund can be used by crew members for other tasks that may arise.

Collection and transfer

Fill and transfer oil, not water

To avoid loss of valuable time when the supply vessel used for oil recovery is full, a tanker can be called in and the oil transferred via Framo’s TransRec system. This also prevents the operation from being interrupted.