Group members

Oil spill response made simple

One hundred years of experience

The OSRV group and its members make out over 100 years of collective experience within oil spill mitigation. The group was created based on the philosophy that the competence and tools used during an incident should be combined so that more oil can be combated, faster and at a lower cost

Maritime Partner AS

Maritime Partner AS is a leading supplier of high-speed rescue and patrol vessels ranging from five to 25 metres. Well-known brands such as Alusafe, Seabear, and Weedo form part of its portfolio. The company has 60 employees and is based in Ålesund. Operations include sales and marketing, design, development, production and service. Its 2,500-square-metre premises feature a production hall with cranes and deep-water quay.


Framo AS

Framo AS is a pump manufacturer based in Bergen. The company was established in 1938 and is today a global organisation operating on three continents. With its 1,200 employees, it is a leading supplier of pump systems to the chemical tanker market, the oil & gas industry and for oil spill response. Framo AS is part of the Alfa Laval Group and has Bergen as its headquarters for marine pump systems. All Framo products are sold and maintained by Framo AS.


Norlense AS

NorLense is a manufacturer of oil spill containment booms and has been a market leader in the development of modern-day oil recovery equipment ever since its start-up in 1975. The products are designed for harsh conditions, with flexible materials and innovative technology. NorLense has supplied over 20 offshore systems for emergency preparedness on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Furthermore, all 15 of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s depots, and five of the Norwegian coast guard vessels, are equipped with the company’s oil spill containment booms.


NORBIT Aptomar

NORBIT Aptomar has supplied high-technology safety and navigation equipment to the offshore industry for more than ten years and has become the world leader in solution-oriented infrared sensor technology for detection of oil spills. Radar technology is used to monitor and locate the oil spill, while an infrared sensor is used to measure the relative thickness of the spill to ensure that action is taken where it is most effective. As part of the NORBIT Group, Aptomar can now offer subsea detection as well as surface detection.